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Bluebells falls under the remit of Swindon Borough Council. Swindon originally came under the remit of Wiltshire County Council however became a unitary authority in the early nineties following government consultation. Swindon Borough Council currently has a two start rating following a report published by the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI). The service that is being provided by Swindon's adult social care team has been described as "good" with "promising" potential for further improvement. Swindon Borough Council was one of the first local authorities to make a joint appointment with the local Primary Care Trust (PCT). Swindon Borough Council have achieved a two star rating by the Care Quality Commission for the services that they provide to older people.

How can I get financial help?

If you are assessed by a social worker/care manager,as needing care in a residential or nursing home, you may be entitled to receive financial help from Swindon Borough Council if your savings are less than the capital limits. If you have more than this amount, you will be expected to fund your care yourself until your funds reduce to below the capital limit.

Can I choose a home if Adult Social Care contributes towards the costs

If you are assessed by a social worker/care manager as needing residential or nursing care and we are able to meet some of the costs, you may choose any registered home up to our financial limit of support for your level of assessed needs, as long as there are vacancies. The home may be independently run or managed by Adult Social Care. You can choose a registered home over our financial limit if you have a third party (normally a relative), who agrees to top up the difference between the financial limit and the actual cost of the home. Your third party will have to be a signatory on the contract between Swindon Borough Council, the home and yourself.
1 If you want to go into a particular home, even if it is in another part of the country, or if you would like to know more about the choices that are available, please discuss this with a social worker/care manager.

Should I pay for nursing home care?

This depends upon whether you are assessed by the NHS as requiring “continuing health care” or whether your needs can be met predominantly by Adult Social Care. You cannot be charged for “continuing health care”. Where you are assessed as needing nursing home care but your predominant need is for personal care, you will not be charged for the nursing care received (funded nursing care) but you will be expected to contribute towards your personal care.

What if I only need a short period of care in a residential or nursing home?

You may need a short stay in a residential or nursing home. This may be for respite (a short break either for you or your carer) or in an emergency. A basic charge will be made for the first eight weeks of any short stay and your social worker/care manager will let you know how much this will be. If you stay for more than eight weeks, you will then have to have a financial assessment so that we can work out what your contribution should be.

What happens next?

Someone from the Swindon Borough Council Financial Assessment Team (FAB Team) will contact you to arrange a convenient time and date, to carry out a Financial Assessment and full benefit check. This assessment will determine what your client contribution will be towards your care. At this meeting you will have to ensure you have details of the following:

-State Benefits and Pension
-Private Pension
-Work Related Pension
-Any other income
-Savings and Investments, including current accounts
-Housing Expenditure

All this will be used to work out what your contribution towards your care will be. Once details have been taken, you will be notified in writing of your client contribution.


If you have a property and are going into care, please have a look at our Property and Deferring Payments of Care Fees section here.

Can I reduce my capital to reduce the contributions I make to my care?

No, you cannot reduce your capital to reduce your contributions. If you intentionally reduce your capital, for example by buying a new car for your relatives, or giving them money or your house, we will take account of the value of the assets in the financial assessment. If you cannot pay, but had reduced your capital in the six months prior to going into care, the person who received the capital or asset will have to pay us.

What if my financial circumstances change?

To tell us about any changes, please contact the Finance Officer on 01793 465560.

Comments and Complaints

The person you have been in contact with in Adult Social Care, or their manager, is often the best person to help you. If we cannot sort the problem out at the local office, please contact:

Complaints Manager
Health and Adult Social Care
PCT Headquaters
North Swindon District Centre
Thamesdown Drive
SN25 4AN
Tel: 01793 463496 or 01793 708700

Notes If you would like further information about the charges for residential or nursing care, please contact: Finance Officer – Residential Assessments Adult Social Care Tel: 01793 465560 Useful Contacts Care Line Free phone: 0800 085 6666 Citizens Advice Bureau Swindon and District CAB Faringdon House 1 Faringdon Road Swindon SN1 5AR Tel: 08450 505155 Website: Care Quality Commission St Nicholas Building St Nicholas Street Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 1NB Tel: 03000 616161 Email: